Magical Castles Without The Crowds

Get to Portugal before everyone else figures out truly how cool Portugal is!

The desolate allure of Portugal and it’s many Secret Castles

In Germany you will find baltic fairytales, in France Chateaus, in England mighty tourist crowds… Portugal has the draw of something unknown and long forgotten. Hundreds of restored castles dot Portugal’s countryside, receiving far fewer tourists per year than her counterparts across Europe.

The history of Portugal is long and interesting. It was a land of the Moors for hundreds of years, before becoming one of the most powerful nations in Europe during its’ Age of Exploration. There have been Kings, Emperors, Hostile Takeovers, Assassinations, Dictatorships, and Republics in Portugal’s history. Through it all, the Portuguese have kept their history in high regard, restoring and treasuring the castles from their past.

Since many of Portugal’s Castles are near the ocean, you’ll often find them bathed in fog, adding more to the mystery and magic. The Portuguese have always been lovers of art and design, so many of their castles are designed with beautiful embellishments and artful architecture. 

Because many of these castles are obscure, finding them can sometimes be hard. Try googling “Castle” or “Castelo” in google to find castles in your area, and check them out in street view before you go.

Portugal also has many eccentric palaces and villas accessible to the public for exploration. One such Palace is Quinta da Regeleira, found in Portugal’s Sintra region right outside Lisbon.

The Knights Templar, a secretive and ancient order of Knights in Medieval Europe, had bases of operations in Europe.

Get to Portugal before everyone else figures out truly how cool Portugal is. The Portuguese are friendly people, and did I mention the food?? The food and wines are simply amazing! See you there.

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