ITALY : just go there already, it’s awesome.

Wherever you choose to travel in Italy, you’ll be surrounded by so many good things that you’ll find it hard to believe you lived without them for so long.

But where in Italy do you picture yourself wandering and relaxing? There is probably more beauty per square mile here than almost any other corner of Europe. It’s going to be no simple matter to hit on the ideal Italian location, even if you know for sure that you prefer big city life to the tranquility of the countryside. How do you choose between the watery beauty of Venice, the exuberance of Rome, or the glories of Florence?

And if you have small-town life in mind, the regional decision is likely to prove just as excruciating. For its geographical size, no other country possesses so many towns that are so overwhelmingly blessed with art and history. In fact, Italy has so many wonderful little towns, it seems almost impossible to pick one over another.

Should you decide on somewhere around the northern lakes, or in one of the Renaissance hilltowns of Tuscany, Umbria, or Le Marché? Or maybe the Amalfi coast beyond Naples, strung with sheltered coves and delectable pastel-colored perched sea villages?

 The good news is that this historic country is more accessible than ever, and then some. Most people want to stay in the busiest, most expensive metropolitan areas, but you can find some of the most astounding stays in some of the world’s most picturesque towns for next to nothing. Travel is easy too, with buses and trains in the $5 – $21.00 range for many hours of travel.

 You can stay virtually anywhere your heart desires. When it comes to bang for your buck, you just have to play your cards right to make Italy an ultra-budget option. You can collapse into a quintessential landscape of dreamy hilltowns and cypress trees that seems to come straight from a quattrocento masterpiece. Mountain Villas and Dramatic cliffside pools are within your grasp, and you can finally relax in that restored farmhouse villa in the countryside of Tuscany.

Can you see yourself enjoying Italian Cuisine? The food of Italy is extremely diverse, and you may think you’re in a different country than the night before when you taste the foods of different cities. The most common Italian dishes consist of pizzas, pastas, soups, risottos, and meat & fish in coastal areas.

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