Sure, you may score a nice hotel next to the Colosseum, however, the most relaxing resorts in the world will be calling your name from the luxury travel magazines. They tempt you with a stretch of beach all to yourself; with infinity pools, and a staff that responds to your beck and call.

So how are you supposed to experience that retreat without that kind of funding?

It’s possible to construct your retreat on a budget, but it takes some skill and planning. Most people just give up once all of the planning gets hard, and they book the place down the street from the subway station. It is a sad day when I see this happen

What you need to realize is that luxury experience is a package deal that combines location, comfort, and service. If you can do that leg work to find undiscovered spots which offer exactly that, you can do this on a shoestring budget.

Hotel Mega Mare, Sorrento, is on a 500 ft tall cliff over the Italian Sea

Most of us think that a luxury experience means the hotel is 5 star, or has been “discovered” before. This is wrong. For every “discovered” trendy place, there are 10 more hotels that don’t have the spotlight. It’s up to you to find them.

The first is to decide what you really want out of your vacation.

Montana Magica Waterfall Lodge, Chile

Do you want to relax on a beach with nobody in sight? Do you want an infinity pool with great mountain vistas? Either way tripadvisor’s search function is your best friend. searching terms like “infinity pool,” “beachfront,” or “views” along with your destination can yield impressive results. The great thing about this search is of you have dates selected, you can see the prices, and then go on to read reviews.

Casa do Gerson is a budget Hotel & Restaurant directly on the sand in Brazil

Searching trip advisor results for “room service” or reading reviews can give you an idea of what level off staff service you can expect. You’d be surprised that some of the most unknown hotels offer some of the best service, especially in the form of cheap meals. If you really want to be worry free, ask your accommodation if you can pre-pay for some or most meals.

Aimeo Lodge – Moorea, consistently sells for below $150 a night

Look for destinations that are not as trafficked, or not as popular as they used to be.

Destinations in Southeast Asia, Italian islands (Ischia) that have seen better days, whole countries like Columbia, Portugal, Czech Republic, and Croatia have tons of hidden hotels which struggle to get more travelers. Give them some of your business and get a bargain in return!

Couple this knowledge with cheap flight deals, and you can score a 5 star vacation for under $1000!

Now go out there and vacation like you’re actually have money. Meet me there!

Trevor Carson

Trevor is an adventurer, husband, father, writer, and musician that loves to find travel tricks and jet around the globe.

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